Alcohol Counselling with FASS

FASS provides confidential, one to one counselling for people in difficulty because of excessive drinking, dependency and binge drinking.

We also provide counselling support for anyone who is trying to cope with someone who is drinking too much.

Many people feel awkward or nervous about coming for counselling, so we have created an article that we hope answers some of your questions. We hope it helps you understand what to expect.

Questions and Answers

This section contains other common questions about attending Alcohol Counselling with FASS.

Questions like these and others:

  • What happens when I meet my counsellor for the first time?
  • Will anyone else find out what I say?
  • How long will I have to attend counselling?

Client Stories

Over the years, some of our clients have allowed us to share their stories and experiences. Some of these stories may ring a bell or inspire you to think more deeply about the effect alcohol is having on your life.

These stories illustrate some of those difficult but successful journeys. We understand that everybody's life is unique and that no matter how rocky a road we travel, with a little help, we can all get there in the end.