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Let's Talk Counselling Service Brochure

Counselling for adults living with the affects of Pre-Birth Alcohol Exposure (PAE) and parents/carers of children and young people diagnosed with FASD or suspected of PAE.

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FASD Fife Brochure

FASD Fife is for Parents and Carers of Children and Adults affected by Pre-birth Alcohol Exposure, also, support for Professionals, and FASD Awareness Raising.

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FASD and Dysmaturity (Factsheet No 9)

A common characteristic of individuals affected by Pre-birth Alcohol Exposure (PAE) or diagnosed with FASD is dysmaturity. Dysmaturity is a term used to describe widely varying levels of maturity in different areas of development.

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FASD and Social Relationships (Factsheet No 8)

A person with FASD can have difficulties with social/peer relationships due to deficits in adaptive functioning in the areas of social cognition and information processing.

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FASD and Emotional Release (Factsheet No 7)

An emotional release, (often referred to as a meltdown) is more extreme than typical childhood tantrums and handling them is more complicated.

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FASD and Sensory Processing (Factsheet No 6)

People with FASD may show signs of being hyper-sensitive (feeling things too much) or hypo-sensitive (not feeling things enough) to the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

Filename: 6-FASD-and-...-Sensory-Processing-Factsheet-No.-6.pdf
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FASD and Sleep (Factsheet No 5)

Infants with FASD often have trouble establishing regular sleep and wake cycles.

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FASD and Information Processing and Memory Deficits (Factsheet No 4)

A person with FASD can have information processing deficits in 4 areas of the brain - when information is recorded, interpreted, stored (memory), or retrieved.

Filename: 4-FASD-and-...-Brain-Processing-and-Memory-Deficits-Factsheets-No.-4.pdf
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FASD and Anxiety (Factsheet No 3)

A person with FASD can spend a large amount of time in a state of anxiety, which is a result of the significant difficulties receiving, processing and responding to information due to deficits in brain functioning.

Filename: 3-FASD-and-...-Anxiety-Factsheet-No.-3.pdf
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FASD and Confabulation (Factsheet No 2)

Damage to the function of the frontal lobes of the brain means that a person with FASD may confabulate. That is make things up that may not be true. This is not lying, as it is a neurological condition due to faulty wiring in the brain.

Filename: 2-FASD-and-...-Confabulation-Factsheet-No.-2.pdf
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FASD and Masking (Factsheet No 1)

Masking is a very misunderstood phenomenon. Many people do not understand what it means to mask or why it happens.

Filename: 1-FASD-and-...-Masking-Factsheet-No.-1.pdf
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