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The A - Z of FASD

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12 FASD and … Ownership (Factsheet No. 12)

Ownership is an abstract concept to children, and the brain damage of FASD can affect the ability to understand abstract concepts for a person’s entire life. In particular, children and teens with FASD often have trouble understanding what "ownership" means. At the same time, their own feelings are very powerful, concrete and immediate to them.

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11 FASD and … Continence (Factsheet No. 11)

Prenatal alcohol exposure and the effects on the developing brain can impact cognitive skills, thinking, concentration, attention, sensory processing, and motor coordination difficulties. All of which can lead to incontinence or toileting challenges.

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10 FASD and … Hypersexuality (Factsheet No. 10)

People with FASD are highly represented as both victims and perpetrators of innappropriate sexual behaviours, which can include: inappropriate sexual advances, unwanted sexual touching and promiscuous or dangerous sexual behaviour.

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About FASD Fife

A downloadable PDF with the webpage content and contact details.

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Let's Talk Counselling Service Brochure

Counselling for adults living with the affects of Pre-Birth Alcohol Exposure (PAE) and parents/carers of children and young people diagnosed with FASD or suspected of PAE.

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FASD Fife Brochure

FASD Fife is for Parents and Carers of Children and Adults affected by Pre-birth Alcohol Exposure, also, support for Professionals, and FASD Awareness Raising.

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FASD and Dysmaturity (Factsheet No 9)

A common characteristic of individuals affected by Pre-birth Alcohol Exposure (PAE) or diagnosed with FASD is dysmaturity. Dysmaturity is a term used to describe widely varying levels of maturity in different areas of development.

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FASD and Social Relationships (Factsheet No 8)

A person with FASD can have difficulties with social/peer relationships due to deficits in adaptive functioning in the areas of social cognition and information processing.

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FASD and Emotional Release (Factsheet No 7)

An emotional release, (often referred to as a meltdown) is more extreme than typical childhood tantrums and handling them is more complicated.

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FASD and Sensory Processing (Factsheet No 6)

People with FASD may show signs of being hyper-sensitive (feeling things too much) or hypo-sensitive (not feeling things enough) to the senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound.

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FASD and Sleep (Factsheet No 5)

Infants with FASD often have trouble establishing regular sleep and wake cycles.

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FASD and Information Processing and Memory Deficits (Factsheet No 4)

A person with FASD can have information processing deficits in 4 areas of the brain - when information is recorded, interpreted, stored (memory), or retrieved.

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FASD and Anxiety (Factsheet No 3)

A person with FASD can spend a large amount of time in a state of anxiety, which is a result of the significant difficulties receiving, processing and responding to information due to deficits in brain functioning.

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FASD and Confabulation (Factsheet No 2)

Damage to the function of the frontal lobes of the brain means that a person with FASD may confabulate. That is make things up that may not be true. This is not lying, as it is a neurological condition due to faulty wiring in the brain.

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FASD and Masking (Factsheet No 1)

Masking is a very misunderstood phenomenon. Many people do not understand what it means to mask or why it happens.

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