Outreach Support in the Heart of our Communities

Our Community Drug Service provides intensive support for people who use all forms of illicit drugs or misuse prescribed medications. The service helps those who find themselves at every degree of risk and hazard because of their use of substances.

  • people who are regular users of drugs and who may be experiencing serious problems because of long-term use.
  • people who are first time experimenters, using drugs occasionally, or people who just want information about drugs and their effects.

We help with all kinds of substance use including opiates, cannabis, cocaine, ecstasy and the new psychoactive substances (NPS) or "legal highs". These are now actually classified as “Illegal”. We also help people who are having problems with prescribed medications and can also help people who are having problems with alcohol, especially where mixed with drugs.

We are available in the communities of Dunfermline & West Fife and Kirkcaldy.

Education and Brief Interventions

We provide information and education about drugs and their effects on health and wellbeing. This can help people make informed choices about current and future use.

A Brief Intervention is often used. This is an informal but structured conversation between our Worker and a Service User which helps that person consider why and how they are using drugs, what consequences they are experiencing, and what (if anything) they want to change.

Brief Interventions can help Service Users clarify their needs and choices. Service Users may choose to reduce, stabilise or stop their drug use. To achieve their aims they often decide to use appropriate specialist support.

Assertive Outreach Support

The Community Drug Service reaches out to and help those who are vulnerable and at risk of harm. This is often people who are isolated and who have ‘fallen out of society’, or who have otherwise become cut off from help and support. This may be individuals who have tried services without finding success, and who now feel nothing will work for them.

We focus on building a strong relationship between the Service User that is meaningful and if necessary, long-lasting.

“I’ve received support from the Community Drug Service for over 18 months now.

I can say, hand on heart, my Support Worker is very good at his job. I find him approachable, open minded and knowledgeable. He is reliable and supports me in my recovery.

When I first met him, I was a chronic Heroin addict and alcoholic. Now I’m free from both conditions, and I still receive some support from him. He is a font of knowledge and just a ‘stand up’ guy. I can’t say enough good things about him and his service.”

We offer immediate care, crisis management with counselling skills support, advocacy, and help to break down barriers and engage with other services.

We recognise and address the complex nature of drug-related problems. There may be physical and mental health issues (dual diagnosis). There may be relationship difficulties, or problems with housing, money and employment. There may be legal issues or difficulties with adjusting to life in the community following prison.

Recovery Support

Treatment compliance and Relapse Prevention are essential to ensure long-term, successful recovery. All Service Users have to cope with the personal stresses and social pressures they face in their communities. If not properly addressed, planned for and coped with, they can often trigger a process of emotional, mental and ultimately physical relapse.

This usually manifests as a collapse of abstinence and reduction regimes, or failure to comply with the requirements of medically supervised Methadone treatment. At worst, the Service User experiences a full relapse to his or her previous level of chaotic drug use.

“When I first engaged with the Community Drug Service I was in a very dark place in my life. My drug worker was like a saviour for me. He helped me with my confidence issues and with relapse prevention. He has been the only drug worker I’ve had (and I’ve had quite a few) who I’ve been able to totally open-up to. He is a very good listener. I would give him 100 out of 100!”

Our Community Drug Service provides advice and support for Service Users that helps build resilience and ability to cope with life’s pressures. This includes identifying and implementing personal strategies to build coping skills, modify lifestyle and prevent relapse.