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'ADAPT offers help for many people unsure of what to do or where to turn to.

It is a practical and realistic way forward for anyone concerned about their own or a loved one’s problems.’





How to use ADAPT


Step 1 -  Drop in to one of our ADAPT Clinics

ADAPT Clinics are located throughout Fife. Here you will find an experienced project worker ready to help you.

You can find your nearest clinic on our ADAPT Clinics page

or you can call 01592 321321


Step 2 – Immediate care

Our project worker will listen carefully and help you assess your needs and choices. He or she will help you work out a personal care plan.

You will be offered immediate advice and support there and then.

We realise that your problems may not be limited to alcohol or drugs and could include other things such as accommodation or finances.


Step 3 – Specialist help

If you require more intensive help, our project worker can refer you for:

  • clinical treatment by NHS Addiction Services for alcohol or drug dependence
  • ADAPT alcohol & drug counselling
  • help from other specialist counselling and rehabilitation services in Fife
  • other means of support for problems like budgeting, housing, or relationships

Your choices will be explained to you. A referral is only made with your agreement.



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The ADAPT Substance Recovery project provides early intervention and access to recovery for anyone in Fife concerned about a growing alcohol or drug problem.



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A short guide to ADAPT Substance Recovery. You can get a pdf copy here



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An A4 poster about ADAPT Substance Recovery. You can get a pdf copy here 



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ADAPT is funded by Fife ADP


Police Scotland

Fife Division

Works with ADAPT to provide Alcohol Diversion



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