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For more than 36 years, FASS has delivered a confidential alcohol counselling and psychotherapy service for the people of Fife.

We provide specialist help for people in difficulty because of excessive drinking, dependency or binge drinking. We also provide therapeutic support for members of the family and friends who are trying to cope with someone who is drinking too much.

Find out more about our alcohol counselling and support services.

See our Services section for a full range of help including employee assistance, interventions with offenders and training services.


Agency information

FASS is a charity (Scottish Charity number: SCO10422) and a company limited by guarantee.

FASS maintains strict financial control in its operations with accounts regularly monitored and subject to annual external audit as required by the Office of Scottish Charity Regulators (OSCR). Financial and service delivery reports are submitted to NHS Fife, Fife Council and Fife Alcohol & Drug Partnership.

FASS is an organisational member of COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland) and of Alcohol Focus Scotland.


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FASS is an organisational member of COSCA (Counselling & Psychotherapy in Scotland). You can find their website here





Alcohol Focus Scotland


FASS is an organisational member of Alcohol Focus Scotland. You can find their website here




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