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pebbles motiveWelcome to the self help section. You will find lots of useful information relating to alcohol and sensible drinking.


Tips for sensible drinking

So many people drink alcohol that we can sometimes forget the damage it can do if we drink too much. Read some of our tips to help you drink sensibly.


Alcohol and the body

Find out how the body processes alcohol and the different factors that affect our ability to process it.


Effects of alcohol

Read about how alcohol affects the different parts of our brain including memory, vision, muscle movements, behaviour and more.


Dangers of binge drinking

Binge drinking - heavy drinking over a short period of time - has some harmful and even life-threatening consequences. Read about the short term and long term risks.


Drinking skills

Try some of our simple tips and practical advice to help make your drink last and avoid drinking over the limit.


Supporting a drinker

Read about helping someone to recognise that they have a drink problem and how to seek help and support.


Self monitoring

Self monitoring can help to work out exactly how much you’re drinking, identify high risk situations and help you take control of your drinking. Read more and download a self-monitoring form.


Self help leaflets

On this page you will find a selection of leaflets and booklets on alcohol related subjects such as nutrition, sleep, pregnancy, relapse prevention and looking after others.

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 Ever wondered if you might be drinking too much? Find out here



Self-help booklets




Sensible drinking


This booklet is packed full of good advice for people who wish to drink within low risk limits. You can download a pdf copy here





Looking after others


Help someone who is drinking to find help whilst looking after yourself. You can download a pdf copy here



Booklet Downloads

More booklets


For a full range of Alcohol Support and Information booklets and other helpful guides






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