Self help leaflets


This is a selection of self-help booklets and leaflets from our Alcohol Support and Information series. They were produced by FASS and Tayside Council on Alcohol

The download section of this site contains a full selection in English, Polish and Russian languages, together with other leaflets designed to help you reduce your alcohol consumption


A word of warning!

hazy-palm-120The information contained here is not suitable for those who have experienced serious problems as a result of their drinking, especially if health problems have occurred

Alcohol counselling is available from FASS for those who wish (or have been advised) to avoid alcohol altogether. If in doubt, consult your doctor or speak to one of our counselling staff


You will find ways to contact FASS and request counselling in the How to refer section of this site

Find out about alcohol counselling here


Alcohol Support and Information (pdf format)

sensible-drinking-120Sensible drinking

This booklet looks at how alcohol affects the body and offers suggestions for drinking more safely and staying healthy. It's for people who are concerned that they may be drinking more than is safe and sensible




Looking-after-others-120Looking after others

Does someone close to you have a problem with alcohol? This booklet looks at the common signs and behaviours of a drinking problem, the impact it can have on the family and how to get help and support




alcohol-and-nutrition-120Alcohol and nutrition

Nutrients and vitamins in food are essential for good health. Alcohol can affect how nutrients are absorbed and used by the body. Find out about what nutrients your body needs and read about the health benefits of a balanced diet




alcohol-and-pregnancy-120Alcohol and pregnancy

If you are pregnant you will no doubt feel bombarded with information. This leaflet tells you the facts about the risks and effects of drinking before, during and after pregnancy and offers advice about reducing your alcohol intake




alcohol-and-insomnia-120Alcohol and insomnia

Some people drink alcohol before going to bed as it can make them sleepy but often alcohol can have the opposite effect. Find out how alcohol affects your sleep and read about healthy ways to get a good night’s sleep




alcohol-and-medication-120Alcohol and medication

Alcohol can interfere with some types of medication and cause harm to the body. This booklet gives information about how alcohol affects medication and also about medications used to support alcohol problems





Alcohol and safety

Going on a night out should be an enjoyable experience. People who have been drinking alcohol are more at risk of being the victim of crime or being in an accident. Read the facts about alcohol and safety and tips for staying safe on a night out




men-and-alcohol-120Men and alcohol

In the UK, two out of every five men drink more than the recommended limit at least once a week. Read some facts about how alcohol affects men’s health as well as tips for coping with stress and cutting down on drinking