Self monitoring


How much?

Although a lot of people enjoy alcohol without coming to harm, about one in six of us are at risk of developing an alcohol-related problem at some point in our lives

You don’t have to be an ‘alcoholic’ to have a drinking problem. In fact, most people with drinking problems are not what we would term as ‘alcoholics’

Anyone can experience a drink related problem regardless of their age, sex, career or lifestyle. Take a minute to think about your drinking. Do you know how much you drink? Or, perhaps you’re not sure?

By self monitoring, you can work out exactly how much you are drinking


Meadow-200Counting drinks

The first step is to convert everything that you drink into units

When guessing the strength of different drinks, it’s easy to underestimate their strength. For example, a half pint of beer is the same as one whisky, which is one unit. A pint of beer is the same as two whiskies or two units

A simple way of counting units is to use a ready reckoner like the one included in our Drinks Diary. Plenty of others can be found online


Counting units can help to:

    • work out exactly how much you’re drinking and any changes you’ve made
    • measure your progress in reaching your goals
    • identify high risk situations by looking at days where you drank heavily



Benefit of self-monitoring


Self-monitoring does take time and effort, but it can give you a much clearer understanding of your drinking pattern. And this helps when you making changes. Some things to bear in mind when self-monitoring:

    • Be honest with yourself
    • Record as much detail as you can
    • Self-monitoring is an aid to help you change your drinking
    • Give it a chance before deciding if you like it


Using a diary


One of the best ways of self monitoring is to keep drinks diary. Record your drinks for each day. Also where, when and with whom you were drinking. You could also add how much you spent


drinks-diaryA drinks diary can be downloaded here

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 Ever wondered if you might be drinking too much? Find out here






Sensible drinking


This booklet is packed full of good advice. For people who wish to drink within low risk limits. You can download a pdf copy here





Drinks diary


A diary for self monitoring. Use this as an aid to help you reduce your consumption. You can download a pdf copy here



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