Scottish Mental Health First Aid


The aim of this training?

Scottish Mental Health First Aid (SMHFA), like any other kind of first aid, is the help given to someone experiencing a mental health problem before appropriate professional help or treatment can be obtained.

The aims of Mental Health First Aid are:

  • to preserve life
  • to provide help to prevent the mental health problem or crisis developing into a more serious state
  • to promote the recovery of good mental health
  • to provide comfort to a person experiencing distress
  • to promote understanding of mental health issues


Who is this training for?

All frontline workers and medical practitioners of statutory and non-statutory services who work with service users.


Training Sessions

NHS Health Scotland devised the course content. This training occurs over 2 full days.


Learning Outcomes

    1. how to ask about suicide
    2. how to recognise the signs of mental health problems or distress
    3. how to provide initial help
    4. how to guide a person towards appropriate professional help



Our facilitators are trained by NHS Health Scotland. They also have extensive experience of delivering therapeutic counselling interventions with FASS, and have backgrounds in human resources.

Sessions may be delivered in partnership with NHS Fife Health Promotion.


How to arrange


Telephone FASS on 01592 206200

or write to us, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For further information on course content please visit


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Training equiries




Please contact FASS

Telephone 01592 206200

Write or email. Details here





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