Alcohol counselling


How to arrange counselling

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What is counselling

FASS provides confidential, one to one counselling for people in difficulty because of excessive drinking, dependency and binge drinking.

We also provide therapeutic counselling support for anyone who is trying to cope with someone who is drinking too much



The aim of counselling is to help you change.

In counselling you can explore your concerns and find goals and solutions that are right for you.

The only demand counselling will make of you is that you try to make changes

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FASS counselling is available throughout Fife

Our counselling is available throughout Fife during both day and evenings. A home visiting service is also available.

Read more about where counselling takes place on our Counselling locations page


How counselling works

FASS counsellors are trained to help people with alcohol-related problems. Our counselling can help you clarify your thoughts, emotions and behaviours and find personal solutions for problem drinking and related issues:

  • regular drinking or binge drinking
  • underlying causes including personal, family, social, employment and lifestlye issues
  • consequences of drinking including accident, mental health, relationship and financial problems


FASS works to the principle that the quality of the therapeutic relationship between client and counsellor is fundamental to success. To aid this counsellors use a skillful application of:

  • active listening
  • an empathic approach
  • being non-judgemental and genuine


Upon this person-centred foundation, counsellors offer a range of Motivational Enhancement and Cognitive-Behavioural methods including behavioural self-control, coping skills and strategies and changing self-image/talk. Methods of proven effectiveness that are recommended in 'NHS SIGN 74 Guidelines: Management of Harmful Drinking and Alcohol Dependence in Primary Care'.

FASS counselling programmes include:

  • specialist alcohol assessment
  • care planning with the service user
  • working with significant others/family members
  • arrangements for management of alcohol withdrawals, pre and post detox support
  • exploration of deeper psychological/emotional/behavioural issues and problem solving
  • abstinence, controlled drinking and harm reduction regimes
  • cognitive-behavioural relapse prevention
  • alcohol education, brief interventions
  • report and record keeping
  • consultation with other professionals regarding client care





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Coping with detox


This booklet is packed full of good advice for anyone thinking about reducing or stopping drinking. You can download a pdf copy here





Relapse Prevention


This booklet is a useful toolkit of relapse prevention strategies and skills. You can download a pdf copy here



Booklet Downloads

More booklets


For a full range of Alcohol Support and Information booklets and other helpful guides





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