First steps in alcohol counselling

How to arrange counselling

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Starting out

Tree-200Many people are optimistic about their counselling and and look forward to good changes. For some there are times of doubt.

FASS counselling is about making changes, exploring what is important to you and achieving your hopes and dreams.

It is an opportunity for you to work with one of our alcohol counsellors. Someone who has been specially trained to help.

Feeling nervous?

Talking about yourself may be a new experience and therefore can feel a bit overwhelming at first. This is quite natural. Your counsellor will soon put you at ease.

What will I say?

Just be yourself. You can talk about anything that is bothering you. You may feel emotional about what you are telling your counsellor, and this is completely normal. Your counsellor will gently guide you through the process.

What to expect?

Your counsellor will welcome you into a comfortable, private room. Explain confidentiality to you fully.

He or she will listen to your story and your reasons for coming to counselling.

Your counsellor will also take a note of who you are and your feelings about alcohol. Your first session is likely to last up to 60 minutes

What happens next?

Your counsellor will help you to look at any issues  or difficulties that you are currently experiencing. Help you set your own goals to make positive changes. And will arrange another appointment if you would like one.

How will I feel afterwards?

Many clients often experience a sense of relief, especially after the first session.There is something calming about knowing that your problems are already starting to be addressed.


More information?

You can download our Starting Out guide and view our Coming for counselling page



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Starting out


This is a short guide about coming for alcohol counselling for the first time. It was written specially for clients by our counsellors. You can get a pdf copy here





Drinks diary


It can be helpful to keep a drinking diary before coming for counselling. Your counsellor can get a picture of how much, and where and when you are drinking. You can download a pdf diary  here



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More booklets


For a full range of Alcohol Support and Information booklets and other helpful guides







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