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How to arrange employee assistance



To refer an employee please use a Referral Form with Employee Mandate available here or see How to Refer




FASS provides an alcohol counselling and education service for employees.

We offer employees an opportunity to explore and resolve any concerns they may have regarding their use of alcohol and its impact on work performance.


Alcohol and the workplace

Employees may be referred by their employers under the terms of an Alcohol or Substance Misuse in the Workplace policy, or following an issue of health and safety.

In either case, disciplinary procedures may have been invoked or are being held in abeyance whilst the employee agrees to address concerns by attending FASS.

Employees may also be referred on a voluntary, non-disciplinary basis.


From referral to assessment of need and help

Following referral we offer your employee a comprehensive alcohol assessment with one of our counsellors. If an alcohol problem is confirmed, we offer a programme of alcohol counselling.

If an alcohol problem is not confirmed and counselling is not deemed necessary, we can offer an extended alcohol brief intervention that includes alcohol education and consideration of safe drinking skills.



Assessment, counselling and alcohol brief intervention sessions are available throughout Fife. The employee may require time of work to attend.


Assessment and progress reporting

FASS provides a reporting service for employers and employees. Assessment reports are followed by regular progress reports for employees engaged in either counselling or extended brief interventions.

For more information about this or any other aspect of our service, please telephone our office on 01592 206200.


Alcohol counselling

Programmes can include any of the following elements:

  • care planning with the service user
  • working with significant others/family members
  • arrangements for management of alcohol withdrawals, pre and post detox support
  • exploration of deeper psychological/emotional/behavioural issues and problem solving
  • abstinence, controlled drinking and harm reduction regimes
  • cognitive-behavioural relapse prevention
  • alcohol education, brief interventions
  • report and record keeping
  • consultation with other professionals regarding client care


Extended alcohol brief intervention with alcohol education

A brief intervention is a 'structured conversation about an alcohol related issue'. Extended brief interventions can include:

  • discussion
  • personal reflection
  • examination of safe drinking skills
  • setting personal goals
  • reporting




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Referral form

for employee


Please complete both parts.

You can download a form here





Starting out


This is a short guide about coming for alcohol counselling for the first time. It was written specially for clients by our counsellors. You can get a pdf copy here





Drinks diary


It can be helpful to keep a drinking diary before coming for counselling. Your counsellor can get a picture of how much, and where and when you are drinking. You can download a pdf diary  here



Booklet Downloads

More booklets


For a full range of Alcohol Support and Information booklets and other helpful guides







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