The articles in this section describe our Alcohol Support Service. Our Alcohol Counselling and EMDR, our Self-Help resources and the other services we offer the community of Fife.

“I would not have gotten to this point if it was not for the help of my Counsellor and the Service”

FASS aims to help people affected by alcohol-related problems improve their quality of life. We do so by offering accessible services throughout Fife, delivered to the highest standards of professional quality.

Early Intervention

We offer services that provide information, education and early interventions that help prevent problems developing into something more serious. The Self-help section of the website is packed with information and guidance on minimising the risks of drinking and recognising when medical and counselling help may be needed.

Counselling Support

People concerned about their drinking, may receive Counselling and Psychotherapy solutions that support recovery from alcohol-related problems. We also offer advice and counselling for family members and friends who look after someone with a problem. Our EMDR service provides solutions for people suffering the adverse effects of trauma, which can often influence someone's use of alcohol.


All our services are delivered in line with the Scottish Government’s ‘The Quality Principles: Standard Expectations of Care and Support in Drug and Alcohol Services’.

The quality of our counselling services is recognised by COSCA (Counselling and Psychotherapy in Scotland). In their counselling practice, our counsellors follow the COSCA Statement of Ethics and Code of Practice.