FASS provides an alcohol counselling and education service for offenders experiencing difficulties with alcohol.

We offer offenders an opportunity to explore and resolve any concerns they may have regarding their use of alcohol and its impact on offending behaviour.

If you require referral of someone for alcohol counselling or education please consult our Guidelines for Social Care Services. You can find these here.

If you have any enquiries about referral or the service we provide, please telephone 01592 206200.


FASS provides counselling and alcohol education interventions for individuals referred by Criminal Justice Services including Social Work, Court and HM Prison Services.

Interventions are provided in response to a condition of sentence imposed by a Court, or in instances where a supervising social worker considers action to address an alcohol-related problem a necessary course of action. We also accept referral of clients who wish to attend on a voluntary basis.

Alcohol counselling

Structured counselling assists clients to explore and resolve binge drinking or dependency; adopt practical relapse prevention strategies and skills; and address related issues including personal, social, health, employment and financial concerns.

Counselling specifically offers clients an opportunity to address any direct link between their use of alcohol and their offending.

Alcohol Education

For individuals who experience difficulty relating to or engaging in counselling we provide structured brief education programmes.

These includes elements of discussion; personal reflection and responsibility; self-monitoring; examination of abstinence and safer drinking regimes; and setting personal goals.

Assessment and progress reporting

FASS provides a reporting service for Criminal Justice Services and Solicitors.
Our counsellors can provide assessment and progress reports for clients engaged in either counselling or alcohol education programmes.

For more information, please telephone our office on 01592 206200.

Our services for clients from Criminal Justice Services include the following elements:

  • specialist alcohol assessment
  • care planning with the service user
  • working with significant others/family members
  • arrangements for management of alcohol withdrawals, pre and post detox support
  • exploration of deeper psychological/emotional/behavioural issues and problem solving
  • abstinence and controlled drinking regimes
  • cognitive-behavioural relapse prevention
  • alcohol education, health behaviour change
  • report and record keeping
  • consultation with other professionals regarding client care