Counselling support for relatives and friends

Our counsellors can provide confidential support for someone who is coping with or trying to help a drinker. This service is currently available to people aged 16 years and over.

If you would like to speak to a counsellor please contact FASS on 01592 206200.
Referrals can also be made by GPs, social workers and other concerned helpers.

From a client

I thought we’d be together all of our lives,
after all we were husband and wife

Then in our marriage it became three,
you my husband, alcohol and me

I watched it destroy you as it broke my heart,
it became so strong it ripped us apart

I felt so helpless as I tried to fight,
how could this happen, this wasn’t right

I tried to stop it taking you from me,
but how could I fight what I couldn’t see

Through the years it took its toll,
it changed our lives we were trapped in a hole

I begged for help from up above,
it took your body but it couldn’t take our love

Near the end it was still you and me,
but all I could wish for was you to be set free.

Love Marie x

Looking after others and looking after yourself

One of the hardest things to go through is being a member of the family or friend of someone with a drinking problem. You can go through a rollercoaster of emotions - denial, embarrassment, concern, and more.
Whatever the relationship of the family member to the problem drinker, most will have noticed how the alcohol use has affected:

  • the way the problem drinker interacts with other members of the family
  • the family atmosphere
  • the feeling of trust that you once had

If you recognise that someone close to you may be experiencing a problem with alcohol, it can help to be able to talk to someone about this in confidence. Having someone to listen and understand what you are going through can make all the difference.

This passage is from our ‘Looking after Others’ booklet. It's full of good advice and guidance. You can download a pdf copy here.