Referral for Alcohol Counselling

There are essentially 4 referral routes for patients.

Upon receipt of referral FASS will contact the patient with information about Alcohol Counselling and details of the first appointment. FASS arranges 99% of appointments within 21 days. Most within 14 days.


The patient may telephone FASS on 01592 206200 following consultation with a Doctor or Nurse, or after completion of an Alcohol Brief Intervention (ABI). Alternatively, the Health Professional may prefer to make this call.

If we are not available, a telephone answering service will operate. If you leave your name and number, we will return your call as soon as we can.

Referral Form

The patient may be referred using a FASS Referral Form, a Practice Referral Form or by letter. Please use this method if you need to provide background information about the referral or require liaison with FASS.

A FASS Referral Form in pdf format can be found in the sidebar or downloaded here, or telephone 01592 321321.


The patient may be referred to FASS through FORT (if available to your service). Fife Online Referral & Tracking is used by more than 100 services and agencies.

Referral for EMDR

If you wish to refer your patient to our EMDR Trauma Service please telephone our office on 01592 206200.
Alternatively you can write to us at:

Fife Alcohol Support Service
24 Hill Street

Please note, the EMDR service has limited capacity.