Some of our Club Members and their relatives have allowed us to share their stories and experiences. Each has had a unique journey and we come to understand that no matter how rocky a road we travel, with a little help, we can all get there in the end.

“Before the Club I used to just stay in and get up late as I had nothing meaningful in my life. Now I get up sharp on a Wednesday and a Friday because I’m meeting others and always wondering what we will be doing that day. It has given me something to look forward to where once there was nothing. I now feel I have a chance to get my life back.”

“I feel I can look to the future and realise, sometimes I can just push myself to stop feeling negative!”

“My mum has been a lot more positive and happier within herself since starting with Curnie Club!”

“Before I came to Curnie Club I used to just sit in the house. Sometimes I would just sit and cry because I felt so lonely and I had no pals. Somebody said to come to Curnie and now I have pals who I can talk to. I also go out and about with them. The best bit of the whole thing is I am not made to feel stupid.”

“Since coming to Curnie Club I’m not crying so much and not feeling isolated. I have made friends who I meet for lunch or coffee. I didn’t think this would be possible.”

“I came to Curnie after a visit from the Curnie staff and I went because it sounded different. I didn’t have much of a life before but now I’m attending IT classes at my local community centre.”

“I had not left my house unaccompanied for over a year after finding my partner hanging in the house. Curnie has helped me see that life goes’ on and I do have a future. I may not be over it but I can at least get some respite with my new friends at the Curnie Club.”

“I suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder after being attacked outside my home. I found I couldn’t leave the house after this incident as it was just too much of a scary thought. The very thought of using public transport used to frighten me. I was accompanied along to Curnie by my daughter for the first few sessions where I made friends who seemed to understand what I had been going through. I started to go out with them and eventually I found myself helping to plan and take part in a charity event that was very public.”

“I went along to Curnie not knowing what to expect. Life was passing me by. I only attended three sessions and it was when we were discussing how to set goals that I realised this is what I have not been doing. I left that session and went straight to the College and signed up for a course. I have since started work and I am off benefits for the first time in years. One big advantage for me is my partner was as much a procrastinator as I was, but now he is more active with the children and in his job search. It’s great to be an achiever.”

“Unfortunately my Mother passed away whilst attending the club and I received so much kindness and understanding without anyone being “too much” They have all been there so there is a lot of empathy in the club. That’s only one quality the gang have shared with me, I don’t have enough paper to list the rest.”

“I came to Curnie Club because my only contact with the outside world was only walking my dogs and support workers coming to visit me. As a child I could hear family say she is not the full shilling and that has stuck with me. In Curnie people listen to me and include me and I now realise I’m maybe not a scholar but I’m not daft, I’m not made to feel stupid I just feel valued and part of things. I have taken a bit of control back in my life.”