Curnie Clubs are here to help

Curnie Clubs are moving on to a new and exciting phase of activities. Working with Isolation and Loneliness since 2016 we have helped hundreds of people, to get their lives back, enjoying positive friendships and interests. Come along to one of our groups enjoy outside or inside pursuits, whatever you would prefer. Curnie Clubs have developed a programme of activities promoting self-awareness and happiness through nature. Come see us and start to enjoy life again. We work with anyone between the ages of 26 – 65.

Call: 07807 011951


Curnie Clubs support people who are socially isolated. Our Club Members develop their social skills and confidence within the community and improve their quality of life.

Club Members benefit from professional therapeutic group work that allows natural attributes, skills and abilities to emerge and be recognised. Members become self-sufficient and self-sustaining, enjoying personal development through peer support and new-found friendships. They achieve in ways they had not envisaged they could.

Curnie Clubs are organised throughout Fife. Recent Clubs have run in Dunfermline, Kirkcaldy and Leven. Our About and How it works sections have more information.

If you wish to refer yourself or simply want to know more about Curnie Clubs then get in touch.

Caring professionals may also refer their patients and clients to Curnie Clubs.

“Before I came to Curnie Club I used to just sit in the house. Sometimes I would just sit and cry because I felt so lonely and I had no pals. Somebody said to come to Curnie and now I have pals who I can talk to. I also go out and about with them. The best bit of the whole thing is I am not made to feel stupid.”

Curnie Clubs acts as a partner organisation to front line services such as psychology, mental health and drugs & alcohol services.