April/May 2021 Newsletter

Trying to come up with a variety of group activities we can deliver virtually hasn't been easy, but following the success of acrylic painting sessions in some of our clubs we have decided t…

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Spring Bird sitting on branch

March 2021 Newsletter

I like the snow but I have to say, I simply can't wait for summer. This month (hopefully) brings us the beginnings of the warmer weather...and one less hour in bed - don't forget to put t…

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year of the ox

February 2021 Newsletter

2021 is underway and we are approaching the Lunar New Year. Which is good news for those of us desperate for the warm weather and some sunshine as we are now halfway to spring.

We are starting off our February newsletter with an honorable mention...

crystal ball in the snow

December 2020 Newsletter

The year 2020 was perhaps not what everyone was expecting and I am pretty certain I have seen the inside of my fridge more than I have seen my friends in the flesh these last 9 months. Des…

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dogs dressed for halloween

October 2020 Newsletter

I have to admit October is one of my favourite months - I love Hallowe'en! I've already been told that it will be a pokemon pumpkin I'll be carving this year (I think I preferred the Scoob…

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people chatting over tea

September 2020 Newsletter

This month marks the first monthly Curnie Newsletter. We have put a few things together that we thought you might find interesting and to give you an update on what's going on. Each month …

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