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FASS and ADAPT Counselling Service during the Coronavirus – COVID-19 Outbreak

I know many of us will be understandably worried about the current Coronavirus pandemic that is dominating our daily lives right now.

Current Government guidelines means that everyone should be minimising their social contact, reducing unnecessary travel, and staying at home if you, or anyone in your household has any symptoms.

With all the uncertainty, we are currently offering clients telephone counselling with their counsellor instead of face to face contact, therefore, if you have an appointment arranged with FASS or ADAPT this will still go ahead on the date and time stated.

If for any reason you would prefer not to be contacted by telephone, please get in touch via email or the telephone number above. This change will be on a temporary basis but please be assured that as soon as normal service is restored we will be in touch. This website contains self-help materials and our Facebook page will provide regular updates.

Our primary aim is to ensure that everyone who needs it is supported, especially the most vulnerable. In the meantime, please follow the daily guidance coming from the government and take extra care if you have underlying health conditions:

I would like to thank you for your co-operation regarding this and keep safe.

We need an Administrator

An Administrator is required within our busy Counselling Services Department. You can find out more about the post and where to download an application pack on our recruitment page.

Minimum Unit Pricing Studies

In January 2020, NHS Health Scotland published two further studies as part of the evaluation of the Scottish government's Minimum Unit Pricing (MUP) policy which was introduced just over a year ago. The first analysis was made on the off-trade alcohol sales in the first year after MUP and this has shown that the volume of pure alcohol sold per adult in Scotland fell by 3.6%. Compared to the 12 months before implementation of MUP, the volume of pure alcohol sold per adult in the off-trade in Scotland decreased from 7.4 litres to the lower figure of 7.1 litres.

Children who have had a Drink

Just before the end of last year, the Scottish Government published the Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey (SALSUS) alcohol report for 2018 which showed among all groups the proportion of pupils who have ever had an alcoholic drink has increased since the last survey in 2015. Drinking is also on the increase in all groups except 15-year-old girls. In addition, there has been an increase in the proportion of pupils who had ever been drunk, except for 15-year-old boys.

What's your poison?

John Hamilton, Chairman at Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) asks the question “What's your poison? Is it alcohol?” John then continued “It's Britain's deadliest drug, it costs the NHS billions each year, and shortens our lives – yes, this is the reality of alcohol.”

“In Britain we are particularly keen on drinking alcohol, in fact, so keen that our consumption has nearly doubled since the Sixties. According to the Global Drug Survey, Britons get drunk an average of once per week, and one in every ten of us are drunk on five or more days every single week!” John did not stop there. “A staggering 10.8 million of us in Britain drink at levels that pose a risk to our health, and not surprisingly, alcohol is now the leading cause of death for men aged between 16 and 54, cutting life short for around 30,000 people a year.”