We’re delighted to share the news Lisa McDonald, one of Counsellors, is celebrating her accreditation as an Alcohol Counsellor.

Lisa has kindly shared some details of her learning journey as a counsellor and her involvement with FASS.

“So, I started volunteering with FASS on the 18th of December 2018 I had my first client, I started volunteering with FASS as a placement for my Diploma

I decided to go to University to study counselling in 2016, I was on Maternity leave from working at a bank and decided if I don’t go and study now I never will, I had always wanted to be a counsellor after my mother in law passed away due to suicide in 2006 this destroyed my family and really effected myself and ended up having to go to counselling myself which helped me so much and don’t know what I would of done without having this, so thought how much I would like to help others, but at that time I had a full time job and had bills to pay, so decided to go and do a evening class and completed Counselling skills level 1 and 2 and did some volunteer work as a befriender. Finally, when I was on maternity thinking about what to do with my life I thought right this is my time and applied to Queen Margaret University and got in and started in 2016 and finally graduated in 2019.

Being a volunteer has given me so much experience and I am so grateful I got this opportunity to do it, I learnt more volunteering than I ever did at university, don’t get me wrong university gave all the theory side, but the real-life experience came from volunteering. I have since managed to get a job through FASS but still continue to volunteer.”

Congratulations Lisa!

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