Alcohol Consumption in Fife

“In a very recent Scottish Health Survey, there was a section devoted entirely to people living in the Kingdom of Fie” said Jim Bett, service manager at Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) based at Kirkcaldy.

Jim continued “70% of respondents said that they drank alcohol in their own home or a friend's house, compared to 4% who stated they drank alcohol in a pub and 3% who drank alcohol in a restaurant.

Additionally, 71% of respondents said they bought most of their alcohol from a supermarket or other off-licence.”

“This trend” said Jim “ is exactly in line with the national averages for the whole of Scotland. It means that in 2016, 10.5 litres of pure alcohol were sold per adult, and this is equivalent to 20.2 units of alcohol per adult per week, or about 10 standard (175ml) glasses of wine (12% ABV).”

Moderate weekly alcohol consumption is defined as no more than 14 units for both men and women, with those exceeding this amount classified as harmful or hazardous drinkers.

Jim noted “The relationship between alcohol consumption and deprivation is very complex, as adults living in the least deprived areas are most likely to drink beyond moderate weekly levels, drink on more days of the week, but drink smaller amounts on a single occasion. However, nearly half of all adults living in the most deprived areas of Fife reported drinking only once a week, but drink more on a single occasion. Of adults who drink beyond 14 units a week, those living in the most deprived areas will drink more units than those living in least deprived areas.”

“These reasons and many more constitute the need for Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) operating throughout Fife, “ said Jim. “We offer a free and confidential counselling service which can assist the individual to either reduce or eliminate the harmful effects of alcohol, and this service has proved highly successful over the past few years in Fife.”

Jim concluded by stating that to get in touch with FASS, you only need to dial 01592 206200, and he added “This can really make a difference.”