During Lockdown, here are some really good ideas from FASS

Sales of wine and spirits have soared during lockdown. Conversely, at the same time one in three people have cut down or given up alcohol altogether. To tell us what's happening, Jim Bett, Service Manager at FASS (Fife Alcohol Support Service) gave me the lowdown on events in and around Fife.

“We’ve been really busy during the lockdown. We've had calls for help due to people over-indulging, while at the same time, some considerable successes with people who have decided to cut down their drinking, or cut out alcohol altogether!”

In FASS, we use some very successful but straightforward tips for people trying to cut down.

“For example, you could choose to have lighter drinks than usual. Try beers or wine with less alcohol in them, or why not try the new and tasty non-alcoholic drinks now widely available. You could also try adding a couple of ice cubes to your glass of white wine, or select a spritzer (white wine and tonic water mixed)? Or if you drink spirits, why not add more mixer?”

“Or you could opt for soft drinks. You can make them extra special by serving in a nice glass with ice and fruit – Delicious! Having alcohol-free days each week is very beneficial. Perhaps you can increase the number of days gradually over time?”

These and other tips can be found in our Sensible Drinking booklet which is available from our website. You can find it here. Our website also has a lot of other information about cutting down or finding help.

Jim quoted a very specific number of benefits which everybody can achieve by cutting back on alcohol. “The first of these benefits is your health – you can alleviate stress on your liver, heart, and problems linked to cancers and diabetes. You can also cut calories – for instance a large glass of wine has more calories than a jam doughnut! You can also reduce stress, which is very important for those now working from home. Also, very importantly, you will be able to sleep better.”

Jim concluded by saying “If you have any problems with alcohol, then give FASS a call on 01592 206200. FASS provides a free and confidential service throughout Fife for anyone who is suffering from the problems of alcohol.