Healthy Ceramics

Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) recently completed a well-being ceramic mural project at Cupar YMCA. It was funded through a Russell Trust grant, and took place from September to December 2018.

The opening of the ceramic well-being plaques took place today, Friday 8th February, 2019, at Cupar YMCA, Bonnygate, Cupar. It was attended by many of those who helped to create them.

Seven ceramic plaques have been made on the theme of Health and Well-being - one plaque for each day of the week, using sayings and proverbs for ideas and imagery. They are colourful and fun, with a lot of detail to look at, including the odd Cupar feature such as the Cupar Cross unicorn or the old town council building cupola above Maisie & Mac, and many healthy ideas and suggestions.

The plaques were made in collaboration between Margaret Robertson, a Counsellor with FASS (who is also a qualified artist), and Donald McIntyre & Christine Hockey of "Wee Neuk Ceramics". Together they worked with FASS clients and two community groups who meet at Cupar YMCA - Express Group and Wings Project, to create the exciting, colourful, "wellbeing plaques".

They will be hung permanently on the outside of the Cupar YMCA building, on the wooden annexe, and will be visible to everyone attending the YMCA. Norma Graham, manager of Cupar YMCA, the YMCA management committee and Jim Bett, Service Manager of FASS, have been very supportive of the project taking place at the YMCA premises.

FASS are very keen to promote healthy lifestyles through community education and involvement, and the plaques will hopefully inspire well-being ideas and many a conversation around the inspirational proverbs and sayings, promoting a healthy start to the year ahead by adding a bit of colour and fun to these cold spring months, and continuing to inspire health and wellbeing for years to come.