It's Alcohol Awareness Week 2019

FASS joins together with 2,000 other community groups to highlight the risks of drinking too much for Alcohol Awareness Week 2019.

How many units are in a pint of beer or glass of wine? How long does it take your body to break down alcohol? And what does alcohol do when it reaches your brain? These are just some of the questions being explored for this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week, taking place between 11-17 November, led by Alcohol Change UK.

This week Fife Alcohol Support Service will help to highlight the impact that alcohol can have on our bodies, our lives and those we love, and how by making changes to our drinking behaviour we can become healthier and reduce our risk for many serious health conditions including cancer, mental health problems, and liver disease.

Events are being run by local authorities, workplaces, charities, GP surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals and other groups. Fife will be part of the UK-wide campaign too.

Fife Alcohol & Drug Partnership including FASS and other local alcohol services will be offering advice and support in the Reception area of Victoria Hospital, Kirkcaldy. FASS is also taking part in Lisa Young’s Holding the Space radio show on K107FM on Tuesday evening, 12th November.

Understanding the risks of drinking too much is an important first step in helping us drink more healthily. Yet estimates show that 84% of people are unaware of the official low-risk drinking guidelines, meaning that the vast majority do not have the information they need to make informed choices about their drinking.

In Scotland there were 1,136 alcohol-specific deaths in 2018 (where alcohol was the underlying cause of death). There are many more deaths and accidents in which alcohol was contributing factor.

Alcohol Awareness Week aims to get people thinking and talking about alcohol, to motivate change at every level – individual, community and national.

Jim Bett, Service Manager with FASS, said:

“There is no absolutely safe level of drinking alcohol, but we can with some foresight make lower risk choices about what and how much we drink. The danger comes when we act without knowledge of the potential health, relationship and social costs of drinking too much”.

“Alcohol Awareness Week is all about finding out how to stay safe and reducing your chances of developing serious health issues or dependence. We in FASS are very pleased to be involved again this year. It’s vital we get the message out, Fife and Scotland’s health depends on it”.

Dr Richard Piper, Chief Executive of Alcohol Change UK, said:

“It can be easy to slip into bad habits with our drinking. But small changes can make a big difference to our health. Alcohol harm is avoidable and yet it still remains a factor in the death of three people every hour. This has to change”.

“So this year's Alcohol Awareness Week is all about helping people to better understand the risks of drinking and providing advice on how we can change our drinking behaviour for the better. This can be as simple as being sure to have a few drink-free days each week, deliberately choosing the lowest strength drinks, making every other drink a non-alcoholic one, or downloading an app, for example Try Dry, to track your drinking and keep you motivated.”

Take part in this year’s Alcohol Awareness Week by visiting the Alcohol Change UK website to:

  • Test your knowledge on all things alcohol with the alcohol quiz
  • Explore the interactive body map to see how alcohol affects our bodies
  • Take a closer look at the drinking guidelines to better understand how much is too much
  • Get top tips on ways to cut down
  • Find extra support if you need it

You can download the Alcohol Change Posters for Alcohol Awareness Week here.