Swap Beer for Water

“By drinking just one glass of water a day in place of beer or fizzy drinks can slash the risk of obesity by up to a fifth” according to Jim Bett, Service Manager at FASS (Fife Alcohol Support Service). “With so many people worried about their weight during lockdown, those who replace unhealthy drinks with water can effectively also lose weight.”

This has been highlighted in research by the University of Navarra in Spain who stated that the figures held good even when factors such as exercise levels, family history of obesity and snacking between meals were taken into account. Jim continued “These same results were not found when compared with 15 other drinks including fruit juices, coffee and milk.”

“We know that that beer is high in calories and this is the key factor. When you consider that even a small bottle of beer typically contains 140 to 180 calories and that many people who drink beer may also consume extra calories in a variety of snack foods such as nuts and crisps, especially on a night out.”

Jim Bett's comments have been backed up by Paul Christiansen, a researcher at Liverpool University who said “It's a fairly logical step. You are taking empty calories out of the diet. Alcohol within itself is incredibly calorific, second only to fat, and beer is a very easy way to consume alcohol.”

Jim Bett concluded by saying “Take away the empty calories and switch to water and you will see a real benefit. If you are thirsty at all, then water is by far the best drink in town, and he reminded us that FASS runs a free and confidential service throughout Fife for anyone who may be suffering the personal and social problems related to the abuse or misuse of alcohol. Contact is simple by telephoning 01592 206200. It could be the best call you ever make!”