We know more about Milk than Vodka!

“I know that it sounds daft, but it is true. There is more information on a pint carton of milk than there is a on a bottle of vodka, or any other spirit” said Jim Bett, Service Manager at Fife Alcohol Support Service (FASS) when we spoke recently at the FASS office in central Kirkcaldy.

Jim continued “The Scottish government is now considering taking some form of control of alcohol labeling, and in my opinion, and that of FASS as well, this is not a minute too soon.”

“At the end of July of this year” said Jim “the Portman Group which is an alcohol industry membership body announced that they will be encouraging all their members to display the current low-risk drinking guidelines on all labeling of alcoholic drinks products.”

Jim noted with some reservation that this announcement has confused many people, because they had been expecting the UK government to take action in law to force new legislation on this very subject to be effective from 01 September 2019.

With some real disappointment Jim stated “It's three years since the guidelines were drawn up and updated and as happens quite often with such proposed legislation, it appears to be too little, too late.” “Overall, the government's reliance on voluntary arrangements with the drinks industry has failed and so we still have more information on that bottle of milk than on a bottle of alcoholic spirits.”

Jim concluded “We know that drinking too much can affect your health, cause social problems and have a negative effect not just on families but also on communities, so now is the time to mandate alcohol labeling, and reject industry promises that aim to further delay action".