Interested in volunteering with FASS?

Our volunteers provide valuable help for some of the most vulnerable people in our community. Volunteers make a great contribution to our services and it’s an effort that is appreciated both the charity and the people it seeks to help. There are also many benefits for the volunteer.

Volunteering can be an enjoyable experience. It connects you with likeminded people and friendships are often made. You can be part of a community and it can be fun. It is certainly fulfilling and you can be comfortable in knowing that what you do is ‘making a difference’. Volunteering can even be good for your own confidence and sense of well-being.

You can also learn new skills and some volunteers find that the whole experience can help them advance a chosen career.

Finally volunteering needn’t take up huge amounts of your time.

We have a range of volunteering opportunities including these below. For more information about volunteering contact us on 01592 206200 or email

Alcohol Counselling

Would you like to become a volunteer alcohol counsellor within one of our community counselling teams? We provide one-to-one confidential counselling for individuals over the age of 16 years who are affected by their own or someone else's alcohol-related problem.

There are opportunities for you if you

  • wish to develop your counselling skills
  • are academically trained in counselling and seeking vocational experience
  • are an experienced practitioner wishing to add psycho-social alcohol counselling to your skill mix

Our service has volunteering opportunities throughout Fife on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Our volunteers provide 3 hours per week to facilitate change using solution focused interventions with clients in a self-reflective supervised practice.

Volunteer Counsellors receive quality training, supervision in line with COSCA Ethics Guidelines and work towards an accreditation in alcohol counselling. Previous counselling training to COSCA Certificate/Diploma or equivalent is desirable. Successful applicants will be required to PVG Registered.

Claire’s Story

Claire planned ahead for her retirement from her busy full-time job by training as a counsellor for FASS.

"The training days involved much interactive work, which made both intellectual and emotional demands." says Claire.

"I had to examine many of my values and reflect on life experiences, working closely with my fellows. It is not surprising that we learned so much about ourselves and each other in this supportive setting."

With regular support and supervision sessions from her supervisor at FASS, Claire gradually built up her experience. Over two years, she produced her professional development portfolio and amassed over 100 hours of counselling practice with clients.

Claire says, "Volunteering has given me a route to fulfilling needs of my own; engaging in purposeful work, while learning new skills."

Support Work

There are also opportunities for volunteer support workers in within our ADAPT project. Support workers help with brief advice, holistic assessments of need and mentoring support for individuals and families seeking help for a range of drug and alcohol related issues. Full training and supervision is provided.