Alcohol support

Alcohol Counselling, Psychotherapy and how to look after yourself.

Drug services

Crisis support, recovery and relapse prevention in the community.

Curnie Clubs

Join Curnie Clubs, build social skills & confidence and meet people.

ADAPT recovery

Support, drug and alcohol counselling, treatment and rehabilitation.

About FASS

Fife Alcohol Support Service is a leading provider of counselling and psychotherapy for people in Fife with alcohol-related problems. We help people deal with addiction, excessive regular drinking and binge drinking.

We also have extensive self-help resources for anyone looking to cut down or stop because of worries they may be drinking too much.

Our other projects include the Community Drug Service which offers outreach support in the community for people with drug-related problems.

Our ADAPT service can advise, guide and support you into the best help and treatment that is available in Fife.

Finally, our Curnie Clubs help people, suffering social isolation, find their way back into community life.

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Useful downloads

Sensible drinkingSensible drinking
This booklet looks at how alcohol affects that body and offers suggestions for drinking more safely and staying healthy.

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